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"Syft has been very easy to use and we have found their staff to be professional, intelligent and engaging."

Good Eating Company

"When it comes to staffing agencies there are loads that talk a good game, but Syft help you make it happen. They have over delivered time after time. They diligently update the App and stay ahead of the game. My team have 100% confidence every time they book jobs that it will deliver the team we need to meet and exceed our clients’ needs. They have given me the confidence to convert to totally online bookings while still being an exciting and engaging partner to work with."

Victoria Warehouse

​"With the high volume of varied events, myself and the recruitment team at Victoria Warehouse work with Syft on a very regular basis. The staff they send are enthusiastic, polite, professional and hardworking. I would definitely recommend Syft and we will continue to work them to deliver amazing large and small scale events."

Eden Caterers

"The app is quick and simple to use, and usually ends up with a member of staff booked within an hour. The best part of it however, has been that the staff that we have worked with have all been punctual, hardworking and most importantly friendly, and work well with the team that we have here at Eden. I would definitely recommend Syft to anyone who books staff on a regular basis."

Hospitality Action

"We were delighted when Syft stepped in and generously supplied staff to assist our fundraising event. Needless to say all six of our Syfters were a pleasure to work with! They were keen and enthusiastic throughout their shift and they weren’t afraid to get stuck in. When you are running an event there are many different elements to manage so it really was a great support to have the Syfters to rely on."

Bar Fibre

"Working with Syft overall is a great experience and service. The team ensure that we get valuable help when we need it and are committed to this meeting our needs. We now rely on Syft for regular assistance when the times arise. We are grateful of their support!"


"Syft is an extremely easy app to use, designed to provide high-quality staff to the hospitality industry. Highly recommended."

The Cat's Pyjamas

"The hospitality industry is challenging, with a lot of moving parts; when things happen you try your best to make sure your service doesn't get affected. Syft can help to cover shifts within 2 hours by staff who are trained and competent, helping to maintain our service expectations."


"The Syft platform is really cutting edge and has become an integral part of our business as we continue to develop and grow nationally."


"Syft is a very handy app to get last minute staff."

Lindström UK

"Syft has been a great addition to the workforce within Lindstrom UK, a committed and truly genuine team. Their ability to think outside the box and assist businesses is truly a revelation; I would encourage anyone to use this company."


"We love using Syft, we've had only great people and the quality of service has been spot on."

John Pye

"The app is quick, easy to use and efficient. Serves its purpose for us."

The Book People

"Using SYFT is a synch to use and we’ve had some good employees.We will use them again."

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