Earn up to £2500 as a full time Syfter this Christmas 🎄

Book yourself now onto a session to become part of our Premium Level Syfters!

Why you?

Are you tired of working inconsistent hours and being unaware of how much you will earn on a monthly basis?

We are looking for motivated individuals who want to become part of something bigger this Christmas.

Syft would like to present you with the opportunity to join our Premium workers and become a full time employee for 4 weeks.

If you think you are the right fit and you are able to commit to 40 hours per week from 18 November – 15 December, book yourself onto a quick briefing in our London offices to sign up.

The Benefits

  • Consistent work and a min of 40 hours weekly
  • Up to £250 Travel Bonus to cover your expenses
  • Earnings up to £2,500 per month
  • Get booked onto our best shifts first

What we’ll need from you

    • A min of 40 hours worked per week
    • 100% attendance to shifts
    • Accept all shifts that are allocated to you
    • Arrive to your shift on time!

*Terms and Conditions apply

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