Syfter Christmas Prize Draw

We value the immense effort our Syfters put in throughout the year; it’s your hard work that makes up the heart of our business. That’s why we strive to offer you a good deal, including market leading wages and a variety of perks.

To show our gratitude and reward you during this particularly busy period, we’re excited to unveil our Syfter Christmas Bonuses. You’ll have the chance to win prizes such as games consoles, Amazon vouchers, plus our star prize: £5,000!

Thanks for your hard work so far and good luck for the time ahead!

Our star prize!

You'll have the chance to win the largest single bonus we've ever offered: £5,000 cash.

With that kind of money, you could travel overseas, contribute to a deposit, fund a degree, invest, save and much more.

We're really excited that one Syfter is going to have an exceptionally merry Christmas and a happy new year!

How to enter the draw

Successfully complete 5 shifts between 1st November to 31st December

Maintain a rating over 4.5* during this period

Earn no more than one strike during this period

After completing your 5th shift, you'll receive 5 tickets which will go into a computerised random draw. As you work more shifts, you'll earn more tickets and have more chances to win. Check out the bonus table which illustrates how it works. We keep a record of the number of shifts you completed and the equivalent number of tickets you have.

When you worked 5 shifts, you got 5 🎫!
For 10 shifts, you got 10 🎫, and an extra 10 bonus 🎫, making it a total of 20🎫!
For 15 shifts, you got 15 🎫, and an extra 15 bonus 🎫, making it to 40🎫!

The prize draw will take place on early January 2019. Click here to read the full Terms and Conditions.

You could win

  • 1x iPhone XS Max

    RRP: £1099

  • 2x Playstation 4 Pro

    RRP: £349.99 each

  • 3x Nintendo Switch

    RRP: £279 each

  • 5x Apple Airpods

    RRP: £132.99 each

  • 10x Prepaid Oyster Card/British Airways Travel Voucher

    RRP: £200 each

  • 10x Fashion Retail Vouchers

    RRP: £50 each

  • 20x Cinema Tickets

    RRP: £20 each

  • 30x Amazon Vouchers

    RRP: £30 each

  • 100x Syft T-Shirts

  • 100x Syft Tote Bags

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