Syft providing Chefs across London

Syft – the hospitality recruitment app that changes the way employers access temp staff, announces the introduction of chefs into its field of expertise. Launched in November 2015, Syft is a revolutionary, online recruitment platform for the hospitality and events sector at some of the finest venues in London.

Highlighted by the rise in business that international chef consultants are receiving, there is an apparent struggle with recruiting qualified chefs at present in the UK. In a more common attempt at recruiting the right chefs some restaurant groups are resorting to flying in chefs from abroad, as far as Australia and the Philippines to fill senior level positions and Head Chef roles, this comes at a steep cost to businesses.

This is where Syft steps in, who are now offering easily accessible and highly paid jobs to top chefs with an NVQ level 2 minimum and all relevant food and hygiene certificates via the revolutionary app. Job seekers using Syft benefit from being able to choose when and where they want to work without the constant hassle of an agency calling them up to offer them shifts with uncompetitive pay rates. At the click of a button, staff can be booked on to a shift that pays chefs a minimum of £13 per hour but often more. All chefs have been vetted prior to gaining  access to the app and clients can see all previous experience and shifts completed via the app including ratings.

For employers, Syft is cost and time efficient: it gives direct access to fully vetted and rated staff via the app, allowing wide freedom of choice and allowing employers to build their own pool of workers via the platform, so they can access their favourite Syft workers quickly and easily. When benchmarked against traditional temp agencies, Syft saves its clients a massive 55% in temp fees. It also boasts an average 1.5% no-show rate, compared to the agency average of 12.5%. By streamlining operations using technology, Syft is able spend more time focusing on building a stronger relationships with their clients and staff.

After undergoing an onboarding process, each approved job seeker is offered work to match their experience, as and when the work appears. Staff are notified with a job offer via a notification on their smart-phone, giving the job seeker the option to decline or accept. Work is offered both in advance and last minute: Syft is a convenient and functional way of gaining extra work within the Capital.

Syft co founder Jack Beaman says: “After a very successful year providing front of house staff across London, we want to move into providing chefs to our clients too. It is widely recognised that there is a serious shortage of chefs, whether a small or large business. Syft has already started providing easy access to chefs at short notice which has proven to be of great value to clients.”

Syft allows direct access between employers and staff, and handles all payroll and tax obligations, with the employer paying staff wages and any NI contributions via the app.


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Syft is available on both Android and iOS.

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About Syft

Syft is an online staffing platform for hospitality and warehousing companies that gives employers direct access to high-quality, trained and experienced flexible staff. Syft offers employers control and choice over who they hire. It saves them time and money whilst also providing consistency. Launched in November 2015, the app helps workers in London get access to thousands of shifts. It lets them choose when and where they work, whilst getting paid over £9/hour.

Syft saves its clients a massive 55% in temp fees. It also boasts an average 98.5% shift completion rate, compared to an average agency no-show rate of 12.5%.

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Founder Info

CEO, Jack Beaman is a Cardiff University political science graduate and was part of the founding team of Fuse Universal, one of the world’s most innovative enterprise software startups having raised over $10 million in venture capital funding to date. Jack worked across sales and marketing collaborating with brands such as Vodafone, Google, Linkedin and Lloyds.

COO, Novo Abakare is a Philosophy and Economics graduate from Bristol University, who had spent the previous six years as a senior trader at alternative instruments investment firm Tradelink Worldwide.