Portify – Work with Syft and Save More!

Syft provides benefits through Portify to help you save more!

Portify is a fantastic benefits service that Syft offers out to all workers who have worked over 3 shifts on our platform. Once this number of shifts has been completed, workers will be sent an email to sign-up to the service. Workers will then have access to the service as long as they have an active profile and have not been banned/removed from the Syft platform.

Portify goes beyond in just offering delightful perks. Portify, manages all your finances automatically in one secure app. Get in control, budget for tax and savings, all the while earning tremendous rewards.

In built into the app is Cashflow. With Cashflow you will have everything you need to see where you can make extra savings, see when you've been paid and more. In a matter of taps, you can be in control of your money.

Signing up helps our workers to make big savings at some of the nation's favourite high street stores, major online brands as well as dining and entertainment venues.

Benefits on offer include:

  • Cheap cinema tickets
  • Exclusive pricing from Amazon
  • Save money on your journey with Uber
  • A free monthly drink at Caffè Nero
  • Indulge yourself with delectable deals at your favourite eateries!
  • Discount on Spotify enabling you to download your favourite music on the go
  • Up to 8% off at 3,000 UK supermarkets
  • Exclusive offers from over 2,500 gyms across the UK and much more...!

When you've completed 3 shifts, you'll receive an email from Portify at the beginning of the next calendar month to set up an account. Please make sure you have access to the email you used on Syft app.

Gold, Silver & Bronze

The more shifts you complete, the more discounts you'll have access to! 50+ shifts completed grants full access to all the fantastic discounts on offer.

Some of the brands on offer...

  • amazon-logo
  • odeon-cinemas-logo
  • vue-cinemas-logo
  • nike-logo
  • Spotify logo
  • Cafe nero logo

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