Bar Staff Jobs in London and Manchester

Can you mix the perfect cocktail? Check out our Bar Staff jobs!

A thriving bar needs well-trained workers. Taking orders, mixing drinks, handling money – it’s all part of the job for bar staff and at Syft, we have plenty of bar staff jobs   available to those interested and able to work behind a bar!

If you happen to be a bar owner, why not consider Syft for your staffing needs – from casual bar work to pubs, high-end cocktail establishments to pop-up events – Syft can cater to your needs!

Roles include:
Bar Staff, Bar Support, Bar Supervisor, Mixologist, Wine Waiter / Waitress, Pub / Cocktail Bar Staff, Bartenders, Floor Staff and more.

Skills we would be looking for include;

  • Experience mixing drinks
  • Good working knowledge of various types of alcohol
  • Quick and meticulous worker
  • Experience handling money
  • High quality customer service skills

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