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    Lower Fees

    Syft's cost structure is simple: our Syft fees are 16% of each worker's pay plus a small National Insurance contribution. Our clients save up to 55% on agency fees.

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    Clear Rates

    When you create a shift and select Syfters, we comprehensively break down all costs before the point of payment, providing transparency for clear budgeting purposes.

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    You Decide the Wages

    You choose how much to pay Syfters, from a baseline of £9 per hour including holiday pay (for most roles). We enable businesses to take on the best workers at a suitable and competitive cost.

Syft Price Guide

We provide the best-rated, high-quality flexible staff as a standard, as well as additional services to suit your requirements.

Flexible staffing selection

    Syft Fees


    Syft Plus

    (Bespoke Pricing)
  • Free to sign up & post shifts
  • Access 24,000+ best-rated Syfters
  • Comprehensive vetting and assessment
  • Workers available on-demand
  • Paperwork handled
  • Directly communicate with workers
  • Post shifts in minutes 24/7
  • Build a pool of trusted workers
  • 7 days a week live client support
  • Compliance and reference checked
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Tailored worker training for your business need
  • Onboarding for your staffing managers
  • Managed services by our staffing specialists
  • On-site check-in support
  • Quarterly and seasonal staffing plan review and reporting
  • Request a Quote

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I use Syft? Where can I use Syft? Who is liable if something goes wrong? How does payment work? Can I choose who I hire? How are the Syft fees calculated? Who are the job seekers? All the answers can be found here.

  • Boost your Staffing Efficiency with SyftForce

    SyftForce is our casual labour management platform, which works best for businesses who have a sizeable internal casual team. SyftForce aims to enhance your staffing team productivity by efficiently manage flexible staff scheduling across venues. Find out more.

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