Next Week Payment – FAQ

How will I know if I’m eligible for next week’s payment?

If you are eligible for weekly pay you will receive an email from us stating your eligibility on the weekly payment day. You will also receive a Paycircle payslip like usual which will have a full breakdown of your pay and dates.

Will I get a payslip?

Yes, payslips will be sent like usual via Paycircle. Please check your inbox for them.

How do Clock In/Out?

You can find all information relating to clocking in and clocking out here

How early should workers arrive at a shift?

We suggest arriving at every shift you work with Syft 15 minutes prior to the start time.

If I successfully meet the requirements for next weeks pay, when will this be?

If you successfully Arrive On Time, Clock In using Geo Location and Clock out using Geo Location then you will be paid the following Friday by 6pm a week after your shift took place. The first payment date for those eligible will be Friday 28 August.

When will I receive my payslip?

You will receive your payslip the day you get paid, sometimes Paycircle sends the payslip a day before payment from Syft is due. On the payslip you will see what week you are being paid for.

What happens if I miss one shift?

If you miss a shift you will be paid for every shift you worked that week in the normal bi-weekly payment run.

How do I turn my geo location on?

You can find all information relating to clocking in and out as well as how to turn on your geo location here.

It wasn’t my fault I was late, can I still be paid weekly?

In order to qualify for next week payment, you need to clock in and clock out using geo location and arrive on time before your shift is due to start. Unfortunately if you are late you will not qualify and you will be paid in the normal payment schedule which is bi-weekly.

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