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Success during hospitality shifts requires a diligent, skilled team which is effectively collaborating and focused on completing tasks to the best possible standard. This is enabled by the leadership of a capable hospitality supervisor, who is able to manage different personalities, can prudently delegate tasks, has a strong focus on customer satisfaction and can ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

The hospitality industry is centred on making sure customers have a happy and memorable experience, so a positive attitude, friendly service and level-headed thinking under pressure are essential to the role of a hospitality or restaurant supervisor.

If you have strong interpersonal skills, experience working in the hospitality sector, clear leadership qualities and are looking for exciting new challenges, why not sign up to a shift with the leading hospitality agency and enjoy the best paid flexible jobs that Syft has to offer? Supervisor roles include but are not limited to Restaurant Supervisor, Events Supervisor, Bar Manager, Hospitality Supervisor and many more.

Skills we’re looking for include:

  • Experienced in managing staff
  • Able to be calm and measured under pressure
  • Good understanding of English
  • Capable of multitasking
  • Considerable attention to detail
  • Strong customer-facing skills

What makes a great Supervisor?

Be a self starter

Once you’ve got to grips with the job, be sure to show initiative and find opportunities that will help the business and set a good example to other employees by greeting guests, prepping for the next task at hand and organising the clean up.

Be a team player

If the work is piling up on a team member and you can help out without affecting your own duties then be sure to offer your assistance. They’ll really appreciate the help and your support won’t be easily forgotten.

Be friendly

It can be daunting joining a new team, but building relationships and working as a team are essential to the role. A good working attitude can lead to more shifts.

Benefits of working with Syft:

  • Regular pay, direct to your bank account
  • Instant job offers confirmed, via the app, 24/7
  • Earn a £20 referral bonus (T&Cs apply) every time you bring a new Syfter to us!
  • Choose when and where you work – be your own boss!
  • Free phone insurance and discount at gyms and high streets brands

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