Are you looking for hostess jobs?

Hostess jobs can be high-profile and glamorous roles to work in but they are also demanding, requiring the very best customer service skills, impeccable presentation and great communication abilities, regardless of the establishment.

Hostess roles and responsibilities can vary depending on the business you are working with, requiring you to be able to easily adapt and lead in situations that require action. Hostess jobs range from deciding on the allocation of customers to tables, providing for the needs of VIP clients or presenting and demonstrating products and services.

The hosting industry is centred on making sure customers have a happy and memorable experience, so a positive attitude, friendly service and level-headed thinking under pressure is essential to the role.

Hostess roles include but are not limited to customer service, receptionist wok, table/tray service, front-of-house hosting, VIP host, corporate hostess, table hosting, product demonstrations and more.

Hostess skills we’re looking for include:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Comfortable with talking and scheduling over the phone
  • Ability to work in a timely and meticulous manner
  • Knowledgeable about VIP service
  • Previous experience of front-of-house work

What makes a great host/hostess?

Be a self starter

Show initiative and find opportunities that will make everyone’s job easier as well as keeping customers happy, such as checking in with customers to make sure they have had a great experience and happy with the service.

Be a team player

If the work is piling up on a team member and you can help out without affecting your own duties then be sure to offer your assistance. They’ll really appreciate the help and your support won’t be easily forgotten.

Be friendly

It can be daunting joining a tight knit workforce, but building relationships is essential to the role, so be sure to make an effort and be friendly with your colleagues. A good working attitude can lead to more shifts.

Benefits of working with Syft:

  • Regular pay, direct to your bank account
  • Instant job offers confirmed, via the app, 24/7
  • Earn a £20 referral bonus (T&Cs apply) every time you bring a new Syfter to us!
  • Choose when and where you work – be your own boss!
  • Free phone insurance and discount at gyms and high streets brands

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