Engineering Manager

  • 3rd November 2019
  • Full Time
  • London

Syft Online LTD

We are looking for our next engineering leader to join a rapidly growing team of software engineers. This is an opportunity to help create and define an engineering culture as we build out our team both locally and remotely. 

You will be responsible for managing a cross functional engineering team to ensure delivery of high quality, robust products in a consistent manner and maintaining communication between the tam and the wider company. You will also manage the career growth of the individual members of the team. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Managing the life cycle of the software development of the team 
  • Maintaining high quality consistent output from each team member 
  • Shepard the career development of individuals on the team 
  • Identify skill gaps on the team and work to fill through training and hiring 
  • Ensure all necessary parts of the business are aware of the state of projects and any issues that may arise 

The ideal candidate would: 

  • Have experience managing software development teams 
  • Understand the principles of an Agile process and be flexible enough to apply those principles as appropriate 
  • Comfortable communicating to a highly technical audience as well as a non-technical one 
  • Be a domain expert is either the Ruby or ReactJS eco-systems and also have the ability to review code in either 
  • Be ready to help define and organize a strong engineering culture based on open communication and end to end product ownership

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