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With the changing circumstances in our current climate, there are particular sectors which are in high demand and we’d like to offer you the opportunity to access shifts in new roles, working in dynamic environments for a variety of clients around the UK. These new roles ensure that warehouses can still operate, and that environments are clean and hygienic for people to work and live in. You can choose to be verified for both roles, or simply select which role in the form below.

Warehouse Operatives

We’re looking for energetic, enthusiastic individuals with a can-do attitude. You’ll be working in a team, doing a variety of jobs such as, taking delivery of goods into a warehouse for sorting, stacking and storage and then eventually picking and packing items for dispatch as they are sent to shops and businesses. Cleaning and maintaining the warehouse will also be part of the daily routine. Working in a warehouse is very hands-on, so it helps to be physically fit and able to lift heavy objects.


Cleaners ensure that designated areas for cleaning are kept neat and hygienic. Cleaners need to be familiar with all the applicable standards of safety and hygiene, use the appropriate cleaning equipment (vacuum cleaners, floor polishers etc), safely handle and store chemical substances and cleaning products, use personal protective equipment where necessary (e.g. gloves, face mask, safety shoes etc) and know how to properly dispose of waste. Duties may include: cleaning floors using manual or mechanical cleaning equipment (e.g. mops, vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners), dusting and tidying assigned areas, cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms/toilets, cleaning/washing doors and windows, maintaining standards of hygiene and cleanliness, ensuring chemical cleaning products are handled and stored safely, keeping work tools tidy and in order.

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