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Need your warehouses staffed with skilled workers? Find and book your staff with Syft

Choose Syft and say goodbye to excessive agency fees!

Hire quality staff – all vetted face-to-face with right-to-work and licence checks

Choose who you hire and book staff on your mobile or laptop 24/7

Save time with digital timesheets and book 100+ staff in minutes

Save up to 55% on agency fees and get better quality workers!


Syft’s Vetting Process

Syft prides itself on a rigorous vetting process that ensures only the best workers are able to work on the platform. These checks help to maintain a high level of client satisfaction through workers who are highly-skilled, well-trained and enthusiastic to work. Our vetting process contains these five processes;

  • A right-to-work eligibility check / General compliance
  • Thorough training sessions (2-hour Induction, Manual handling Session, H&S Training Session)
  • Numeracy, Literacy and Verbal Reasoning Assessments
  • In-depth rating & reviewing system
  • High-visibility of workers on the platform, ensuring competition and high-standards between workers

Why choose Syft for staffing your warehouse

  • Thousands of the Best Trained & Best Paid Workers

    Syfters are all vetted face-to-face before giving access to shifts on the platform. They are more motivated because of higher pay and our rating systems.

  • Save up to 55% on Agency Fees

    By replacing the temp agency model, Syft reduces agency fees to 15% (+ NI) and pass these savings onto you! We believe in transparency, so employers can see the full cost breakdown prior to confirming bookings.

  • Control & Choice Over Who You Hire

    You choose who to hire. Syft matches you with workers who fit your requirements, and you can view all skill sets, previous experience and ratings. Like a worker? Add them to your own ‘pool’!

  • Create Jobs 24/7 & Hire Workers Immediately

    Post a last-minute shift or a job requiring 50 workers within minutes. Our record for our fastest time to fill a shift is less than 22 seconds!

  • Save Admin Time With In-App Timesheets

    Our in-app timesheets ensure you have the most accurate clock-in and clock-out record and saves you hours on administration. Syft handles payroll, too. Get your time back to spend it on the most important thing - running your business!

Industrial jobs


Employer Testimonials

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Looking for quality picker/packers, warehouse operatives or forklift drivers? Look no further!

Do you feel that your warehousing team could be of a higher quality? Perhaps you struggle with filling drop-out shifts quickly and need to find capable, engaged workers at short notice? Why not consider Syft, the #1 flexible staffing solution?

With the holiday season just around the corner, things are ramping up in the hospitality and warehousing sectors. Let Syft take some of the pressure off you when it comes to hiring a large number of temp staff, invoicing, staff management and much more.

No matter if you’re looking for forklift operators, pickers/packers, sorters and loaders, warehouse operatives, delivery drivers and many other roles, Syft offers a variety of quality temp staff in London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, and Birmingham.

Unlike the traditional staffing agencies, Syft is an online platform that costs you less, saves you a lot more time, and offers you more control over hiring your staff. Why not work with Syft and let us cater to your warehouse staffing needs.

Our clients


  • What is the difference between using Syft and a temp agency?

    Syft is an online recruitment platform that gives hospitality and warehousing employers access to 1000s of the best paid and trained temp staff. We currently help hospitality and warehousing businesses in London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham to hire quality temporary workers with lower fees. The app is available on iOS, Android, and desktop.

  • What are Syft fees?

    Syft charges a 15% service charge on any wages paid via the app plus any National Insurance contributions required. On average we have saved our clients 55% on agency fees compared to their traditional agency relationships.

  • How do I book staff with you?

    Simply download the app and sign up for an employer account. Fill in your company details and our Customer Success Team will contact you to walk you through the booking process soon.

  • Who are the job seekers?

    Our job seekers are all fully vetted and trained hospitality and warehousing workers with a wide range of industry experience. They have attended and passed a face-to-face interview with our Recruitment Team before being able to access our jobs.

Syft supports the 2015 Modern Slavery Act – to read more on this, click HERE

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