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Hire on-demand temporary hospitality staff based on their location, availability and experience

Syft has a large pool of readily available and trained hospitality staff on-demand, ready to hire when you need them. So whether you’re looking for holiday cover or need to find last minute staff, we’re able to solve all your staffing hassles. We are able to provide you with hospitality staff across a variety of roles including bar staff, baristas, kitchen porters, waiting staff, chefs and so much more.

With our temporary staffing app you can create job posts 24/7, hire staff in advance or last minute, have complete control over who you hire, save up 55% on agency fees and our automated payroll takes all the hassle out of paperwork. Our simple hospitality staffing solution enables you to focus on running the rest of your business, taking the pain out of temporary staffing.

Consistently high quality staff

  • Still being let down by “disappearing hospitality staff”? Say goodbye to undependable agency workers and say hello to Syft, a staffing solution you can rely on.
  • Thanks to our effective onboarding process, we have a less than 3% no-show rate, compared to the industry average of 12.5%. Our support team is available 7 days a week to resolve any issues.

Clear, informed staffing decisions

  • We understand each employer has specific staffing needs, which is why we offer you control and choice over thousands of verified Syfters.
  • You can review each Syfter’s online profile, which outlines experience, skills, and ratings, ensuring you take on the right workers for every shift.

Lower agency fees guaranteed

  • When using traditional temp agencies, employers are often faced with astronomical agency fees, hidden costs and opaque pricing structures.
  • We believe in offering high quality workers for less, charging Syft fees of 15% (+NI) and providing a full, transparent cost breakdown before you book staff with us.

An extension of your full-time team

  • Our recruitment team has decades of experience in hospitality, ensuring we only verify workers we’re confident in. Syfters know how to do the jobs right away!
  • Along with above-average pay and perks, Syfters are motivated to do their best because employer ratings appear on their profiles and flexible scheduling means they take up shifts they really want to do.

Automated paperwork

  • We know that one of the pain points of hiring temporary staff is all the paperwork. With Syft you can create and save job descriptions meaning you can reuse an old job post next time you hire
  • Not only that but all payroll and paperwork is automated, so there’s no length forms for you to fill in at the end of the week. Making it so much easier for you to get on with higher priority tasks.

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