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    Top-Rated & Experienced Staff
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    Control & Choice Over Who You Hire
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    Create Jobs 24/7 & Hire Staff Immediately
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    Save Up To 55% On Agency Fees
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    Automated Paperwork & Payroll

How to use Syft?

  1. Post Shifts
  2. Book Staff
  3. Syfters Arrive
  4. Rate & Relax
  • Post Shifts

    Describe shift details such as job description, location and uniform so our Syfters get prepared before arriving. You can also save your posted shifts as templates to use the next time.

  • Book Staff

    Browse Syfter profiles or let us match you with top-rated, skilled and experienced flexible staff. Syfters confirm their availability before every shift, giving you the peace of mind and no more no-shows!

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  • Syfters Arrive

    Syfters will turn up looking spick and span and ready to work! Simply clock-in and clock them out using the in-app QR scanner; it's a fully automated process, so say goodbye to tedious timesheets.

  • Rate & Relax

    After the shift, simply approve the digital timesheets and rate the Syfters. All your feedback helps! Want to re-book a Syfter? Build your own network of trusted Syfters so they'll get offered your jobs first.

Say goodbye to expensive, opaquely priced, and inconsistent staff

  • All Syfters are vetted face-to-face and meet full compliance.
  • Syfters are paid from £9.50 per hour, driving motivation on every shift.
  • Transparent fees structure and full cost breakdown before booking.
  • Control of who you hire via the app, plus in-depth support from our Team, available daily.

Hospitality Clients

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    "Syft has been very easy to use and we have found their staff to be professional, intelligent and engaging."
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    "Syft is an extremely easy app to use."

Industrial Clients

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    "We love using Syft, we've had only great people and the quality of service has been spot on."
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    "Syft is a very handy app to get last minute staff."

Need Staff? Syft operates in the following regions:

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