Syft: Excelling in Facilities Management

Effectively supporting people and places

For your organisation to meet lawful standards, run efficiently and guarantee staff satisfaction, you need to make use of high-quality facilities management workers. At Syft, we offer a broad range of flexible workers to employers across the UK, creating a reliable addition to your internal team.

  • Extensive worker roles

    • From cleaners to door supervisors to festival staff, we provide businesses with the different people they require to complete daily maintenance tasks.
    • By sourcing your flexible staff from a single source, you find a comprehensive solution to miscellaneous ad hoc duties. This means accountability, support and cost efficiency.


  • Guaranteed legal compliance

    • When we take on workers, we institute a thorough vetting process. Our face-to-face onboarding sessions verify each worker’s skills, experience, relevant licenses and right to work.
    • Having passed onboarding, only then can workers access jobs on the app. This means we’re totally confident in the calibre of staff members we provide to employers from the first shift.
  • Admin and payroll sorted

    • Unlike temp agencies of the past, we handle admin and payroll, allowing your internal HR and payroll departments to instead focus on other duties.
    • Our app employs several innovative features to save time and increase convenience, including automated, editable timesheets and clock-in/clock-out QR codes.
  • Responsive to requirements

    • You’re able to fill shifts on-demand or well ahead of time, using job templates with detailed specifications. This ensures quality, consistency and the ability to meet changing staffing needs.
    • If you’re impressed by Syfters on the job, you can rate them five starts and rehire them for future shifts. Each Syfter picks up higher paid jobs they want, guaranteeing motivation at work.

Facilities Management roles we offer

  • Events Security
  • Door Supervisor

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