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Our facility management services and staffing will ensure your business runs smoothly on a daily basis. We are able to provide you with workers who are able to successfully carry out their duties and have a positive impact on the business with little input from you. You can rely on Syft to provide a diverse array of staff members who will meet the needs of your business including, industrial cleaning, office cleaning, security, reception work and so much more.

With our temporary staffing app you can create job posts 24/7, hire staff in advance or last minute, have complete control over who you hire, save up 55% on agency fees and our automated payroll takes all the hassle out of paperwork. Our facility management services and staffing solutions enable you to focus on running the rest of your business, taking the pain out of temporary staffing.

Varied staffing roles

  • The range of facilities management services we offer means you can hire for any role that helps support the general maintenance and smooth running of your business. We cover everything from office cleaning, retail cleaning, kitchen cleaning, industrial cleaning, door staff, security, front desk and building management.
  • Every worker on our platform has a professional background in the roles they apply for, meaning they can take on assigned tasks without any hassle.

Guaranteed legal compliance

  • During onboarding, we interview all workers face-to-face, check their skills and experience, and verify their right to work and licenses. 
  • Workers can only claim shifts once they’ve passed onboarding. This means employers can trust in the high quality of our staffing pool from their very first booking.

Cost-effective solution

  • Syft cuts costs for businesses by connecting employers and workers directly, removing the overheads associated with staffing of the past.
  • Before confirming a booking, you’ll get to see a full cost breakdown providing you with clarity of budgeting. You can also download financial reports helping you to keep track of costs.

On-demand access

  • With Syft, you’re able to create jobs 24/7 and hire staff immediately. So whether your building manager has called in sick or are in need of a skilled commercial cleaner to clean up after an event, the Syft app enables you to create shifts and hire staffing in minutes. 
  • Within the app you’re able to save shifts as templates, so on those days that you’re really busy and need an extra pair of hands as soon as possible, you can simply post the job again and have someone on board instantly.

Ensuring High Workplace Standards

  • Employers need trained and experienced facilities management workers to meet the complex demands of modern business premises and we are able to provide you with team members that can competently complete their duties as soon as they start.
  • We have a pool of top-rated, fully vetted facilities management staff available to hire on-demand or ahead of time.

Facilities Management staff on Syft

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    Festival Staff
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    Door Security
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