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There are many duties to undertake to successfully run an event: meeting consumer expectations, effective timekeeping, staying within budgets and more. Don't let staffing become a stress. Utilise a service which connects you with skilled, experienced and diligent flexible workers across the UK.

Meeting your requirements

  • Based on your staffing plan, we can supply all BOH and FOH workers, from Chefs, Bartenders to Supervisors. You’re able to fill all your shifts from a single source in one go.
  • Our job creation function lets you detail any specific requirements, such as location, uniform/appearance, and start time. Communicate with Syfters directly using our instant messenger.

Building reliable teams

  • We pride ourselves on our rigorous vetting process, meaning that all Syfters have their experiences and skillsets verified by our internal team before they can access work.
  • You can create a pool of best-performing Syfters to re-hire as you want, creating a reliable extension of your regular team. Ideal for when staff call in sick, are on holiday or otherwise absent.

Making scalability easy

  • Whether you need an extra pair of hands at the last minute or require 100 workers weeks ahead of time, whatever the numbers, our straightforward app connects you with the staff you want.
  • Our app allows you to make last minute shift changes if your event requirements alter. Use the QR code scanner to efficiently check in and check out Syfters.

Support on call

  • When using temp agencies in the past, perhaps you’ve felt a lack of support: inefficient communications, ineffective solutions and scarce accountability when issues arise.
  • Syft takes client satisfaction seriously. We offer a dedicated Customer Success Team which listens, understands your business needs and strives to create actionable solutions as needed.

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