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Events and Hospitality Jobs in London, the North and the Midlands

Get the highest paid shifts in hospitality and events with Syft

Be your Own Boss, Work Flexibily & Earn More With Syft

Work for premium hospitality and warehousing employers, including stadiums, bars, restaurants, events companies and venues.

Get paid weekly, directly to your bank account.

YOU decide when, where and how often you work.

Earn a minimum of £9 and up to £30 per hour.

Enjoy great employee perks including discounts in Apple, Starbucks, Amazon, gyms and numerous brands.


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4 steps to become a Syfter

  • Download Syft

    Simply download Syft on your iPhone or Android devices. Syft jobs are currently available in London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham and nearby areas.

  • Complete Your Job Seeker Profile

    Sign up a "Job Seeker" account and make sure you upload a professional smiley photo of yours! Then, tap ‘Get Verified’ to book yourself in for an onboading session at our offices.

  • Attend Onboarding

    We'll interview you regarding your past work experience and assess your skills. We'll also introduce you on how the app works and the unique Syfter perks that you can enjoy!

  • 4) Gain access to 100's of Shifts 24/7

    Congratulations! You’ve been verified! You are now able to browse and apply for hundreds of exclusive shifts for premium hospitality and warehousing employers and get paid more. You’ll be matched to jobs that match your pay rate, availability and skill-sets.

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What do Syfters say?

  • The app is very easy to use and there are plenty of jobs available. They also have an outstanding team to support you all the way if you need anything.

    Cristian Noces
  • I have spent years working in the same job and quickly getting bored or feeling undervalued. Syft has completely changed the game! I now feel like my own boss and I'm being offered more money daily than other jobs.

    Aaron Stuart Langford

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  • Why should I join Syft?

    Syft is the highest paying part-time jobs/flexible working app in the UK. Workers earn a minimum of £9/hour and on average over £10/hr. We are the only one that provides employee benefits. With Syft, you have complete control and choice over when and where you like to work and all rates on the app include holiday pay.

  • How do I get verified?

    Only verified Job Seekers can access the shifts. To get verified, you’ll need to attend one of our Induction sessions, where we’ll tell you more about Syft, who we are, our beliefs and what we want to offer to you and our employers.

  • Who are the employers that offer jobs?

    We have a wide range of hospitality and warehousing employers, ranging from the Europe’s finest stadiums, premium hotels, independent bars to Michelin-starred restaurants, so you can choose which venues or employers you’d like to work for!

  • How and when do I get paid?

    Your pay day will be weekly on Thursday, so you don’t have to wait another 30 days for your next pay cheque! The payment will go directly to your bank account so make sure you give us the correct details when signing up! The weekly payroll will include all shifts you worked from Monday to Sunday of the previous week.