Hire Peak Season Staff for Less

Congratulations on taking the first step to making a huge saving on your temporary staffing. Start accessing over 35,000 Industrial and Retail workers to help you through peak season now!

Syft is offering exclusive rates until the 15th of November, whereby eligible new clients will enjoy 0% management fees to help businesses through peak season.

Syft (acquired by Indeed in 2019) is one of the UK’s top staffing platforms. Our simple and easy to use app brings employers instant access to qualified and vetted workers across the UK. You can enjoy:

  • Control and choice of who you hire
  • The ability to create jobs 24/7 & hire staff immediately
  • Savings of up to 55% on agency fees
  • Experience around the clock customer support
  • Automated admin & payroll

Let Syft take some of the strain this peak season. Whether you need to cover a last minute absentee or build a trusted pool of reliable temporary workers for the entire holiday season, we can provide you with the staff you need.

Fill out the form to discover how to create a free account and a member of our team will be in touch. Alternatively, sign up to Syft immediately here.

Call 0203 880 6955 or Fill the Form Below to Create a Free Account on the App Today

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