How to Clock In and Out of shifts

  • Hannah Rafter
  • 9th June 2020

How to Clock In and Out on the Syft app

As you know Syft requires you to clock in and clock out of every shift you work with us. This is an important step that helps us identify where and when you have worked. 

You must clock into your shift 15 minutes before the shift is due to start and clock out when the shift is over. You can do this via the Syft app 

Need a little refresh on how to clock in before and after a shift with location switched on? Click the image below: 

Share your location with Syft

In order to successfully clock in and out, you must make sure you have granted Syft permission to access your location. Don’t worry, we only need to check your location before your shift, when you are clocking in and after your shift when you are clocking out. 

If you are unsure how to do this, complete the following steps:

For Apple devices:

Head to the settings section> Scroll down to the Syft app > Select location 

You will then be able to grant Syft access to your location while using the app. 

For Android devices: 

Head to the settings section > Select location > Select location (again) > Find the Syft app > Select permissions.

You will then be able to grant Syft access to your location while using the app. 


If you have any questions regarding the clocking in and out procedure then please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team, they’d be happy to help you: 

Team Syft


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