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Our Story

We began building a hassle-free staffing platform for employers and jobseekers in 2015.Our Co-Founder and CEO, Jack Beaman, was inspired to launch the venture by the temporary shifts he undertook during university. He felt that the sector was outdated and inefficient; employers had no say in staffing decisions and paid high, opaque fees, while workers found low wages and limited opportunities. After gaining professional experience at a tech startup and partnering with a Co-Founder, former trader and now Syft COO Novo Abakare, Beaman was able to start creating beneficial change in temporary recruitment.

We disrupt the recruitment industry by harnessing technological innovation and providing an effective, convenient service to job seekers and employers. Our key markets are currently the industrial, hospitality and facilities management sectors. Launched in London, we now have growing branches in Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham and are coming to more UK cities.

Employers only need to pay a mere 15% fee on top of worker wages (plus a small National Insurance contribution), saving businesses money and enabling us to offer Syfters above-average wages and perks. Our costs are transparent and a full breakdown is available during the booking process, providing clarity and trust. Employers can browse worker profiles, list specific shift requirements and build a pool of trusted Syfters, enjoying an unparalleled degree of control and choice in staffing decisions.

Every Syfter on our platform has undergone a thorough vetting process with our Onboarding Team, where experience, skills and legal compliance are fully verified. As we pay higher wages, operate a reciprocal rating system and give Syfters control over their scheduling, Syfters are diligent and motivated on every shift. It's a testament to the quality of our Syfters that so many prestigious brands rely upon our service.

Syft has raised over £8.75 million funding from top-tier venture capital firms including Profounders Capital and Creandum. This support is fuelling Syft as one of the UK’s fastest growing startups.If you feel your business could benefit from hiring motivated workers available on-demand, or if you’re a job seeker looking for above-average paid casual work at your convenience, then Syft is the service for you.

Awards and Recognition

We're still early in this journey, and we're excited or the recognition and awards that we received from several leading awards bodies.Each prize is a testament to the hard work put in by our clients, our Syfters and our internal teams; we look forward to achieving even greater successes together.

Recruitment Technology Innovation of the Year

The Recruiter Awards 2018
“Syft’s strength lies in its simplicity. It represents a win-win for the client and candidate, and has the potential to scale.”

Hottest Platform Economy / Marketplace

The Europas 2018
“Taskrabbit for the hospitality industry."

7th place

Startups 100 2018
"While its customer and investor base are laudable, so too are the aims of the business."

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